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Central Bangkok is a must-see destination for global travelers. This vibrant hub of entertainment, fine dining, happenings and fun enriches the lifestyles of Bangkok’s visitors with color and happiness.

Central Bangkok was officially conceived in 2015 as a major collaboration between government agencies and over 2,000 private partners including the Tourism Authority of Thailand, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, luxury hotels, restaurants and high-end residences. The initiative created a special zone in the finest part of the city properly called the “Heart of Bangkok”, encompassing Ploenchit, Ratchadamri, Wireless and Rama IV roads.

The area meets every need as a hub for shopping malls, department stores, eateries, hotels and other accommodation, objects of veneration and entertainment venues, as well as relaxation in a diversity of styles. Central Bangkok hosts festivals which are global signature events such as the Countdown Festival, Tastes of The World Festival and Flower Festival. These have enabled tourists from all over the world to check in at Central Bangkok and enjoy themselves non-stop, All Day & All Night.

The creation of Central Bangkok has attracted both Thai and foreign tourists from around the planet to visit in vast numbers of over 30,000 people a day. This has stimulated the Thai economy alongside government efforts to build Thailand into a Quality Leisure Destination.